Linux commands for devOps engineer

In this post “Linux commands for devOps engineer” we will be seeing most widely used Linux commands that every devOps engineer should know. Whether you’re already a devOps engineer or in the path of becoming one, you should have good understanding of Linux commands.

Input Output redirection in linux

In this post we will be focussing on Input output redirection in linux. Redirection is the way of directing those commands which reads input to where commands sends output, trying to achieve something different. For this, we will have to use some controls to redirect this commands to change their destination.

Pipes in linux programming

In this post we will be seeing what is piping in linux and how does pipes plays an important role in linux programming. Before moving further into this concept, I would like to tell those enthusiasts who wants to make their future or create something in Big Data/Data Analysis then you must definitely know this core concept of Piping.

Boot-up with U-Boot

This section of writing will take care of a brief walk through on and answer to question ” How u-boot takes up from it’s bootm/bootz execution to Linux Kernel handover.