Introduction to Automation Testing

Quality is one of the most firm and important factor when it comes to the software or the product one does deliver. With the advancement of Technology we have been witnessing number of tools and softwares to examine the quality…. But before deep dive into some technology or tool or going in depth of the same, first and the foremost thing which one should consider is the five W’s…. What ? Why ? When ? Who ? Which ? We will try to break the five W’s to get more clear understanding of what exactly Automation is and how it is very useful in today’s world.

What is Automation ?  

Why there is need of Automation ?

When to start Automation ? 

Who will do Automation ?

Which cases to be consider for Automation?

What is Automation Testing ?

The word Automation itself delineate a lot about the context. In a very simple or a lay man term Automation Testing is nothing but Automatic Manual Testing. It’s  a method that uses certain tools to examine the quality of software by providing certain input and comparing with the expected output without the manual intervention.

Why there is need of Automation Testing ?

Every software development group tests the software and products before delivering yet the delivered software always has defects, and these defects reappear even if the multiple and best manual testing is done so there are multiple reasons why you need automation testing.

  1. Manual Testing is time consuming, numerous multiple scenarios which cannot be cover manually can be easily cover by writing the scripts/codes to automate those scenarios.
  2. Automation testing saves the time and money.
  3. Automation testing increases the coverage and depth.
  4. In manual testing all the work flows, fields, all positive and negative scenarios are challenging to test infect are ignored, hence can be easily automated with Automation.
  5. No human intervention, Yes you can put your tests running overnight.
  6. Automation increases the speed of test execution, efficiency, and coverage.
  7. Manual Testing can become error prone validating the same scenarios multiple times hence gets ignored but with the Automation scripts it will never.

When to start Automation ? 

Engineers often get confused with When to Automate the product or software ? and  end up messing everything. Generally automation is done for the module or for the functionality or for the software/product whose implementation is completed.

Who will do Automation ?  

Writing the scripts for Unit testing has to be done by the developers, whereas  Functional UI testing has to be written by Testing team precisely called an Automation developers. Again it depends…. A test engineer or an Automation developer can write the Unit test scripts and the developer can write the Functional Testing scripts, solely depends on interest and availability.

Which cases to be consider for Automation?

This is the most common query which is very often asked…. what all the cases to automate ? People end up automating the scenarios where we hardly need automation. Scenarios where manual testing cannot be done in depth may be opening 100 images, performing same task multiple times, entering the data both positive and negative for all the scenarios etc….. these can be a struck for a manual tester and he/she can miss the scenarios.

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