Tips to crack Programming Interviews

Are you a Software Developer ? or a Programmer or just someone about to enter an interview room? Here are the top 5 programming interview tips. I’ll make sure to relate each tip to real-life examples so that you can analyze the importance of each step. After reading this blog you will certainly gain confidence and can crack programming interview easily.

1. Get your basics concepts correct:

A block and cement together build a building, to know how strong a building will be you need to know the composition of a block plus you need to have cement so that you can get block together and put into something called as a building.

Get your basics right

In our case block is our fundamentals, cement is our dedication and building is our final output. Similarly, if you’re attending an interview the first thing which you should do is understand the position for which you’re applying or getting interviewed and ramp up yourself with fundamentals. Trust me 99% of the interviews start from basic and when the level reaches moderate to high, questions will be solely based on what you’ve answered before. Now you’ve got basics, that’s blocks are ready but our aim is to build a building we still don’t have cement. So cement is your dedication your enthusiasm to work mere learning fundaments won’t take you anywhere you need to know how to use it. Use your fundaments and dedication and build small apps and website to get the knowledge of real-world programming before you step in for your first Interview.

2. Language and Data Structure:

Importance of Data Structure

Guys, if you’re getting in Programming or Softwares, Master one programming language. Trust mastering one of the Programming languages will ease out your chances to get placed and this is one of the most important tips in cracking any programming interview.

When I say master, I mean complete in and out. You should be able to answer each and every concept in depth. Once you’re done with it you can learn any programming language within a week or less. These days IDE’s are so smart that they take half of your burden. It hardly matters which programming you’re learning as your first language, be it a C or Python or Java. That’s up to one’s interest, if you ask me personally I’ll suggest going with Python. Second, come’s Data Structures, if you miss this part you’ll hardly land into Product Based Company or good start up. Data structures are a very important element in every good Programmers life. Master Data Structures thoroughly nearly 60% of your interview will be based on Data Structures only.

3. Pseudo Code and Pen Paper:

How many of you know what is the Pseudo Code? – A description of logic which does not have any standard syntax and involves English language.

pen paper
Use Pen Paper

I’ve seen most of the newbies who are attending interviews in the initial stages of their career focuses more on syntax rather than logic and get messed up. It is very important to know that your logic matter more than your syntax or in which programming language you are writing unless asked so. There’s come Pseudo code, I would strongly suggest to write using Pseudo code and focus on logic more. It is seen that a newbie programmer tends to avoid using pen and paper and tries to answer verbally more, I would strongly request you to stop doing that if you’re doing so. Using pen and paper shows your confidence, So please use pen and paper even to explain all the concepts even if they’re small.

4. Build your Profile:


If you’re aiming for Big Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and so on!! merely skills won’t help you, You should be able to sell your skills, show your skills over a global platform. Try writing technical blogs, youtube videos, build your stack overflow profile and attach in your resume,. Trust me this will have a tremendous impact and you might even end up in casual discussion with the job. So get your guns ready start building your profile. Build your resume smartly read tips and tricks to build your resume and prepare your resume to fullest.

5. Practice:

Nothing will make you perfect apart from Practise, choose one programming language and start writing programs followed by making applications. Participate in coding challenges and hackathons this will give you an exposure of real-time problems and solutions. In an interview room, if you’re able to answer the basics questions, you’re given real-time problems where you’ve to come up with solutions. Some of the top-notch companies keep Hackathons as one of their interview rounds. If you go for startups they’ll just give you a task and time till the end of the day and you’ve to come up with solutions. So sharpen your sword participate in coding competition and Hackathons.

Practice daily

So gear up yourself practice and make the most out of your talent. The big giants hire you on the basis of your skills irrespective of what programming language you use. If you are brilliant enough to solve algorithms and data structure problem you are done. You should be logically one step ahead then what the engineers are in other companies are. One should have depth and breadth of what he and his organization or project does. He should be master i.e. depth knowledge of his own technology or language but a breadth of all.

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