Kubernetes: Up and Running

Kubernetes is a software that allows us to deploy, manage and scale applications. The applications will be packed in containers and kubernetes groups them into units. It allows us to span our application over thousands of servers while looking like one single unit.

5 – Top Tech trends for 2020

Here we are back with 5 top tech trends for 2020, top notch technologies to watch out in 2020. Not only I'll be telling you about technologies but also letting you know what is the scope of it, what are the industry which is using it and require skills set.

Tips to crack Programming Interviews

Are you a Software Developer ? or a Programmer or just someone about to enter an interview room? Here are the top 5 and basic tips to crack any Programming Interviews. I'll make sure to relate each tip to real-life examples so that you can analyze the importance of each step.

Save your Phone’s battery with these Tips

Having problems with the battery of your phone or any other device? Here you will find the most useful tips to increase battery life on any device. I have heard many people complaining about the battery on their phone. I have researched a lot about this problem and tried to implement it on my phones … Continue reading Save your Phone’s battery with these Tips

Know about the world’s first foldable phone

Since December 2018, there's been a discussion about foldable phones. Still, everybody was confused about these leaks until Google Announced Android for Foldable Phones. So, it was clear that Foldable Phones are gonna be shown in CES 2019 (January), and that's exactly what happened! The world's first foldable phone Royole FlexPai was available at CES … Continue reading Know about the world’s first foldable phone