Save your Phone’s battery with these Tips

Having problems with the battery of your phone or any other device? Here you will find the most useful tips to increase battery life on any device.

I have heard many people complaining about the battery on their phone. I have researched a lot about this problem and tried to implement it on my phones and laptop. I am amazed after looking at the results. Really, battery life surely improves but not only improves, but it also helps your phone or any other device last longer. Implement these steps at your own risk, as these are personal opinions.

But after applying these steps, you will find a drastic change in the battery life of your phone. These things are very normal but people ignore it and finally it ends up with less battery life.

Charger for better battery life

After reading the title, you might be thinking of how a charger contributes to a better battery life. Well, if you are in India you will see people using other chargers for charging their phone. Most of the people don’t know but by doing this, they are harming their own phone. You should always charge your phone with the charger you got with the phone. Yes, the specified charger is the only charger which you should use for charging your phone.

We have heard a lot of news that phones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 blasted on a person’s pant and two more news. After investigating, Xiaomi confirmed that the battery exploded because the user used a charger other than Xiaomi’s specified charger. Here is the official statement from Xiaomi. So from this, we can conclude that using other chargers can damage your phone’s battery.

Before my current smartphone, I have been using a Lenovo S660 Android smartphone. On that phone, I have used several chargers and as a result, the battery showed problems even with the specified Lenovo charger. The battery charged from 0 to 100 % in 5 minutes and after removing the charger it discharged from 100% to 5% in another 5 minutes. Thus I had to use another charger.

Thus, from these incidents, we can conclude ta hat using a charger other than the specified charger may cause a problem in your phone’s battery.


Another reason for the worse battery life of any smartphone is overcharging. Nowadays, people use the phone all day and then keep it for charging OverNight. It is proved by some Tech Enthusiasts that overnight charging or overcharging your phone can reduce the battery life and ultimately, it affects the performance of your phone. (New Generation Smartphones are capable to stop charging after the device is fully charged. But there are a lot of phones which continuously try to charge the battery even after 100% charging).

Charging phone more than 100% is good up to 1 hour but if you charge your phone more than 1 hour after 100%, it makes your phone’s battery worse and reduces the performance. Also, as I have mentioned earlier, I used to overcharge my Lenovo S660, so that must have affected the battery life of that phone. Now, with Nokia 6, I am implementing all these tips and I’m finding good results.

So, do not overcharge your phone for more than 1 hour. If you do, then it will surely affect the battery life of your phone.


As overcharging is a problem, over discharging too is a problem. You know when your phone’s battery is at 15%, you get a warning that the battery percentage is below 15%. Take this warning seriously because if you discharge your phone to 0%, it affects the battery life and performance of your phone. Try maintaining the battery percentage above 20% most of the time. If the battery goes down to 15%, switch off the phone until you charge the phone.

Another tip I wish to give is, charge your phone when it is switched off. It charges quickly. If you don’t wish to switch off your phone while charging, just keep it on Airplane mode. It will surely help to boost the charging and help in improving battery life.

Display Brightness and Timeout

If you want your phone to last a whole day, try keeping the brightness of the display as minimum as you can keep. Yes, with more brightness, the display looks better and clearer, but it is the biggest enemy of your battery. More brightness of the display means more consumption of the battery. So keep the brightness as low as possible to make your battery last longer.

Another reason for lower battery life is screen timeout. You must keep the timeout of your screen as low as possible, to make your battery last longer. Now, you might be wondering how screen timeout will increase the battery life of your phone. Well, sometimes, you keep your phone on without hitting the on/off button and the screen remains on. This drains your battery and reduces the battery life.

WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS services

Turn on your WiFi, Bluetooth, or Location Services like GPS only when you need it. Don’t keep it on all the time. It consumes a lot of battery when you keep on the WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS. Many people turn on their Location Services like GPS and forget to switch off. This too drains the battery a lot. Mobile data also drains a lot of battery. Try turning the Data Saver option on. It will save a lot of data and ultimately save your battery.

So, keep your WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot and GPS off, till you are not using it. This will increase battery life.

Unnecessary Apps in Background

Running unnecessary apps in the background may lead to more consumption of the battery. Always close all the recent apps on your phone. In the Apps menu in the settings, try force stopping the apps which you don’t like to run. Some apps don’t show up in the Recent Apps list but still, they run in the background.


Here is the whole thing in short

  • Use the specified charger provided with your mobile. If your charger is faulty or damaged, try replacing it with the service center.
  • Do not use other chargers than the specified company charger provided with the mobile.
  • Do not overcharge for more than one hour. Especially in the night when you sleep, don’t keep the phone on charge. Wake up early and charge it or try charging it before sleeping.
  • Never over discharge your battery less than 15%. Two three times in extreme conditions is fine but if you do this daily, it will surely affect the battery and it will drain more battery than usual.
  • Always keep the brightness of the display as low as possible to avoid more drainage. Keep the screen timeout to as low as possible. This will surely help in improving battery performance.
  • Try keeping the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Mobile Hotspot off, for as long as possible. This will surely help in lower battery drainage and finally, it will help in better battery life.
  • And the last but important thing is, try force stopping or blocking as many unnecessary background apps as possible. They drain a lot of battery.

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