Static files and URL’s handling in Django

Django has changed the way of handeling URL’s and static files like CSS, JavaScript ( Js ) and images in the field of web development. Developers now can experiment a lot with dynamic url’s while using Django as the backbone for their website.


In this post we are going to learn about variables in Python. A variable in simple words means an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change

A Basic Application – Django

As we discussed in the previous blog, Django divides all of its web applications into ‘projects’. Each project can be further divided into individual applications that can be developed and then integrated into the root project.

Feature Selection in Machine Learning – Introduction

Before learning about this concept, I used to believe that the best data scientists till date might be using some techniques, algorithms or any kind of labs which leads them to better prediction. But when I started learning the things, I perceived that this guys are not using any rocket science kind of things. Slowly, I realized that whatever techniques or concepts you use, without Feature Selection you won’t make the right choices for your prediction. Wrong choices leads to lots of garbage i.e. noise.

Functions in Python

Functions are the set of statements which does a given charge and gives the output. It is a brick of code which only runs upon calling. We could write a function code as scrap of main program. There are 2 types of functions namely, built-in function and user-defined function where, Python uses built-in functions. Let’s learn about functions and its syntax and its types in more detail.