We’ve struggle multiple times installing paramiko in Mac, even after installing we came across certain issues like module not found. In this post we will be seeing how to install paramiko and overcome issues while installing.

Full Stack Python

Recently I’ve been getting multiple queries over Instagram, Facebook and mails to brief what is Full Stack Python and how do I become Full Stack Python Developer!!! So here’s we are back with Introduction to Full stack Python. So geeks this post is dedicated to those people who knows Python and wants to build their career in Full Stack Python Development or people who wants to learn python and become Full Stack Developer.

Data Types: Python

Continuing with series of Python after Identifier and reserved keywords today we’re going to look into the most important topic “Data Types in Python” I’ll be briefing about all the data types even which are not used mostly but are equally important…. Read More ›

Identifiers and Reserved Words

In this tutorial we will be exploring Python Identifiers and Python reserved words.
Python Identifiers as the name itself says a lot about itself, Identify or Identification and Identification can be done by naming.
Python Keywords Reserved words are keywords which cannot be used as an identifiers. The compiler is well aware of these words and will always take them as reserved words if tried in place of identifiers.