PyQt5 tools-Qt Designer

When we want to create a GUI application, generally, to avoid the complications such as long codes, mistakes, missing out commands and other issues, we use Qt Designer .

Static files and URL’s handling in Django

Django has changed the way of handeling URL's and static files like CSS, JavaScript ( Js ) and images in the field of web development. Developers now can experiment a lot with dynamic url's while using Django as the backbone for their website.

Feature Selection in Machine Learning – Introduction

Before learning about this concept, I used to believe that the best data scientists till date might be using some techniques, algorithms or any kind of labs which leads them to better prediction. But when I started learning the things, I perceived that this guys are not using any rocket science kind of things. Slowly, I realized that whatever techniques or concepts you use, without Feature Selection you won’t make the right choices for your prediction. Wrong choices leads to lots of garbage i.e. noise.