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  • Jenkins Architecture

    We’ve already seen what is Jenkins, In this post we will deep dive into Jenkins Architecture and understand Jenkins Architecture Diagram which is also called standalone Jenkins Architecture and Jenkins master slave architecture diagram which is also called Jenkins Distributed Architecture.

  • Jenkins Introduction

    We’ve already seen what is DevOps, In jenkins introduction tutorial I will be introducing you to Jenkins and deep dive into the depth of Continuous Integration using Jenkins. Jenkins is a self-contained, open source automation server which can be used to automate all sorts of tasks related to building, testing, and delivering or deploying software.

  • Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment

    In this post we’re going to deep dive into three most important terms used in Agile world i.e Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.

  • Git Commands Cheat Sheet

    In this post we will be seeing Git Commands, Git is open source distributed version controlled system. This Git Commands Cheat Sheet consists of most important and widely used Git Commands.

  • Optionals in Swift

    Optional in Swift means the possibility of absence of a value for variable or constant. Optionals are required in many cases in real world programming. Declaring optionals is very simple. You just need to write the type with a trailing question mark

  • Relationship between Classes

    As one starts learning any OOP(Object Oriented Programming) language be it C++, Java, Python etc, one of the concepts which most people fail to understand or go through it superficially is ‘Relationship between Classes’.

  • DSP – Linear Phase FIR filters

    Filtering a signal means removing out the unwanted frequencies from signal while preserving the desired frequencies. One application of filtering is removing the noise from a signal. Digital filters are polynomial functions that does the wave-shaping of the signal. In… Read More ›

  • Build your first project in Jenkins

    In this post we will be seeing how you can build your project using Jenkins. We will be building sample project using Jenkins.