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  • Install PostgreSQL on AWS EC2

    In this post we will be installing PostgreSQL on Linux Machine and will see how we can access using pgAdmin.

  • Scoping Artificial Intelligence : Introduction

    The discussion of future always starts and ends with technology. Technology in present is perhaps everything we are surrounded with. Talking about present, the rising technology is Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the commonly used terms everywhere. The devices we use also include it.

  • PyQt5 tools-Qt Designer

    When we want to create a GUI application, generally, to avoid the complications such as long codes, mistakes, missing out commands and other issues, we use Qt Designer .

  • Linux Introduction: Part 1

    This post is dedicated to all Linux Lovers and someone who wants to get started with same in coming posts we will try to cover each and every aspect of Linux necessary. This series introduction to Linux will focus on… Read More ›

  • How to avoid 10 common mistakes in shell scripting

    In this post, we will see 10 common syntactical mistakes that we do while writing a shell script. The prerequisite for this post is an EC2 instance for Linux OS on AWS, putty, or GitBash tool and knowledge of shell scripting. Below scenarios are common in shell scripting.

  • Want to make storage of docker persistent ?

    Make storage of docker container permanent. wordpress and mysql database running on docker. docker-compose file . wordpress , mysql.

  • Getting Started with Docker

    In this post we will seeing how someone can get started with Docker .Docker is a set of platform as a service products that uses OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers

  • Tower of Hanoi Using Recursion

    Tower of Hanoi Using Recursion

    The tower of Hanoi is a famous puzzle where we have three rods and N disks. The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire stack to another rod. You are given the number of discs N. Initially, these discs are in the rod 1. You need to print all the steps of discs movement so that all the discs reach the 3rd rod. Also, you need to find the total moves.
    Note: The discs are arranged such that the top disc is numbered 1 and the bottom-most disc is numbered N. Also, all the discs have different sizes and a bigger disc cannot be put on the top of a smaller disc. Refer the provided link to get a better clarity about the puzzle.