Swift Delegates and Protocols

In this post we will see Delegates and Protocols in Swift. Lets break both the word Delegates and Protocols and try understand what they actually mean. Delegates as the name suggests, delegation i.e. your representative or someone on your behalf. Protocols on the other hand means a set of rules and regulation.

Guard in Swift

A guard statement is used to transfer program control out of a scope if one or more conditions aren’t met also called as early exit. i.e. Either you meet the condition asked, or get out of the scope.guard let is also an alternative to if let, which also unwraps optionals. guard let will unwrap an optional for you and if it finds nil inside, it expects you to exit the function, loop, or condition you used it in.

iOS App Lifecycle

iOS Application lifecycle is the most important and the most basic flow which every iOS developer should understand in depth to make sure he uses the power of lifecycle methods coherently as apple directs.