Website Deployment using Kubernetes through Jenkins using Groovy script.

Website Deployment using Kubernetes through Jenkins using Groovy script.

Loss Functions in Machine Learning

Machine learns by loss function. The Loss function is a method of assessing how accurately algorithm models the given data. Optimization problem use loss functions for minimizing errors. One of the most widely used losses functions is Mean Square Error (MSE) and Minimum Absolute Error (MAE). In this article, we’ll see these two loss functions in detail.

Feature Selection in Machine Learning – Introduction

Before learning about this concept, I used to believe that the best data scientists till date might be using some techniques, algorithms or any kind of labs which leads them to better prediction. But when I started learning the things, I perceived that this guys are not using any rocket science kind of things. Slowly, I realized that whatever techniques or concepts you use, without Feature Selection you won’t make the right choices for your prediction. Wrong choices leads to lots of garbage i.e. noise.

Functions in Python

Functions are the set of statements which does a given charge and gives the output. It is a brick of code which only runs upon calling. We could write a function code as scrap of main program. There are 2 types of functions namely, built-in function and user-defined function where, Python uses built-in functions. Let's learn about functions and its syntax and its types in more detail.

Control flow in Python

A python program have crowd of function judgements accompanied by cluster of statements. Control flow is the sequence where program’s code accomplish. Control flow is adjusted by conditional statements, loops, function calls. Without this concept programs would be a simple statements. In this post, lets learn about this in detail.