Roles in Ansible

In this post we are going to understand What are Ansible Roles and How do we implement one. Now let’s us keep this definition short and understandable, Roles are way to organise playbook, it consists of fully independent, or interdependent collections of variables, tasks, files, templates, and modules.

Introduction to Ansible Loops

In this post we will be seeing how to use Ansible Loops, Sometimes you want to repeat a task multiple times. In computer programming, this is called a loop. Common Ansible loops include changing ownership on several files and/or directories with the file module, creating multiple users with the user module, and repeating a polling step until a certain result is reached.

Jenkins OpenShift Pipeline

In this post we will understand Jenkins OpenShift Pipeline i.e. How we can create Pipeline using Jenkins and OpenShift. We will try to understand in depth how one can use Jenkins and OpenShift for Continous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Ansible Installation

In this series of Ansible we’ve already seen Introduction to Ansible its uses and advantages, Ansible Architecture and how does it work, In this post we will be seeing how to Install Ansible. We will be installing Ansible in EC2 linux machine CentOS.