Linux commands for devOps engineer

In this post “Linux commands for devOps engineer” we will be seeing most widely used Linux commands that every devOps engineer should know. Whether you’re already a devOps engineer or in the path of becoming one, you should have good understanding of Linux commands.

So let’s get started.

date – Shows the current Server date and time

cal – Shows this month calendar

whoami – Show user who is logged in

finger username – Displays the details about the logged in user

uname -a – Displays details about kernel

df – Shows disk usage

du – Shows directory space usage

free – Shows memory

whereis app – List all the location where app is present

which app – Show which app will run, path of the application

cpuinfo – Shows the details about the CPU utilization

meminfo – Shows the memory utilization in System

ls – List Directory or Directory Listing

ls -al – List All Directory formatted with Hidden files.

cd abc – Change directory to abc

mkdir – Make folder or directory

rm file – Remove file

rm -r dir – Remove directory dir

rm -f file – Remove file forecefuly

rm -rf dir – Remove directory forcefuly

cp -fileA fileB – Copy fileA to fileB

mv -fileA fileB – Move or rename fileA to fileB

ln -s file link – create symbolic link “link” to “file”

touch file – Create file

cat file – Displays the content of file

more file – Displays first 10 line of file

tail file – Displays last 10 line of file

chmod XXX – Changing permission of file, 4 – read , 2 – write 1 – execute

chmod 777 – Read, write, execute for all

ping host – Ping host and output result

whois domain – Get info about domain

wget file – Download file

ps – Display process

top – Display top process

kill pid – Kill process with process id

netstat -r -v – Print network information, routing and connection

So these are some of the most useful commands which are widely used by DevOps Engineer. Do let me know in the comment section any queries or questions.

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