Build your first project in Jenkins

Hi guys! Last time we’ve seen how we can install Jenkins on AWS, In this post we will be seeing how to build a very simple hello world program using Jenkins.

The prerequisite of this tutorial will be running Jenkins on your local host, If you’re not aware of how to install and run please check my previous tutorial.

So let’s get started….

Launch your browser open localhost and jenkins dashboard. You might see something like below image.

Jenkins Dashboard
Jenkins dashboard

Now Tap on new item and name the project name as Hello-NuclearGeeks, tap on Freestyle project and click on ok.

In description tab enter the details about the project you’re building, Let’e keep to Hello-NuclearGeeks.

Scroll down to Build and add build step to Execute Shell

Build step
Build step

Now copy the below code and type

echo Hello Nuclear Geeks !

Click on save

Now you can see Build now button on your left hand side, tap on that and wait for the magic to happen. This means you are building your project now .

Once it’s done you can see build numbers in your build log as below, click on console output .

Jenkins Dashboard

Now check the console output .


And you’re done! Congratulations you’ve build your first project on Jenkins.

In the further posts we will be seeing how we can build complex project using the same.

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