House of Cards by Sudha Murty


SUDHA MURTY, who has beautifully deciphered the character of a lady and her values with which she grew up. The story of a woman who took her path even after being together for a long time with her love of life . The story is about the inner wings of truth and morals which opened like wings of butterfly, vibrant and beautiful. The book covers the environment of basic lifestyle of MRIDULA and her husband SANJAY which changes dramatically after entrance of financial interests.
The plot of the book is very realistic and shows the reality of the lives. Most women don’t take a stand for themselves but this will encourage every women and men to have a look inside their own pure souls. The book has shown how THE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR changes with greed and money but at last the human morals that stays forever.
This deals with the lady’s road of transformation.
The name suggests HOUSE OF CARDS, the fragileness of relations in a family that makes house a home. Beauty of values the beauty to live in the moment, emotions that could tear apart the perfect structure.

Story Line

Mridula, a rudimentary village girl full of morals, beautiful soul with vibrance of happiness, a girl who lives the moment of life, the girl to whom her values matter more than material assets. The girl who is AMMA’S WORLD AND APPA’S PRINCESS. Even though scoring ranks in her school she wanted to be a teacher and work for social cause instead of some financial asset. She meets Sanjay for the first time in marriage and then after in Mumbai. She and sanjay completely fell for each other. Sanjay who is a doctor at KEM hospital Mumbai. He is a good man keeps mridula happy but got distracted from his principles of profession.
Mridula and Sanjay got married and for the post graduation of sanjay they get settled to Banglore, both of them with fair incomes to be in good economic conditions but the story takes the twist over this phase, sanjay who is a hardworking sincere doctor who works under a senior doctor gets frustrated as his hardwork gets diminished in eyes of others and credit been stolen. He gets mad over such scenario and puts up his own nursing home. He is earning very handsome from his hospital and Mridula and Sanjay reach to a fine socioeconomic lifestyle but here the human behavior enters, the behavior of GREED sanjay tends more towards materialistic assets and gets away from his love. On the other hand all this money and greed gets over mridula and she takes stand for herself and questions her 25 years of marriage. The strong independent woman arises in such crisis. She takes a strong support of her values and change the mentality.


Even in today’s scenario somewhere this book puts itself in the bracket of reality. Sudha Murty’s writings has shown the reality of world perfectly . It has perfectly depicted the characters, plot, plot twists and emotions of the characters mentioned. With her simple and engaging form of writing she has bought lives in her characters. The story can be easily framed in Indian women. In my view, Sudha’s forte is simple primitive writings and her way to engage the readers till last moment is very astonishing. She has shown the strong image of independent woman and has shown the sacrifices for the well being of the family. The story is short and easy to read , easy to relate. The story is unfolded beautifully and her way to explain is such that you can visualize it while reading.
Overall, a nice read.


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About the Author

SUDHA MURTY, born on 19 august 1950 in shiggaon. Sudha Murthy is an indian engineering teacher and Indian famous author in Kannada and English. Sudha Murthy began her professional career as a computer scientist and engineer. She is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a member of public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation. She has been awarded padma shri for her works.

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