Building a Spring Boot Application in Jenkins

In this post we will be seeing how we can build our first Spring Boot maven based Java Project in Jenkins. If you’re not sure what Jenkins is I would strictly recommend to go through Introduction to Jenkins, Jenkins Architecture, Build first project in Jenkins.

Relationship between Classes

As one starts learning any OOP(Object Oriented Programming) language be it C++, Java, Python etc, one of the concepts which most people fail to understand or go through it superficially is ‘Relationship between Classes’.

‘this’ Keyword in Java

In this post we’re going to see one of the most important and most useful topic i.e ‘this’ keyword in java. This is the topic of concern because as soon as one starts with OOP concept, ‘this’ keyword is encountered more often and people just ignore it considering it as a part of syntax. But as a matter of fact it has variety of applications from coding point of view which simplifies the code and makes it more understandable than before.