Git is almost(?) an integral part of dev pipelines and when you just start to learn it, when it's yet to become the muscle memory, we all become victims of pitfalls. PULL v FETCH is one of such pitfalls that a beginner should be on lookout for. This blog is about that with lot of details.


This is a small Tutorial/Exercise to understand the static inventory file in the ansible. This should give a basic idea of how it works.

Terraform : Chaos to code

Terraform is hot-word in IT scene. It can literally terraform your barren, ill-developed IT infra to beautiful, lush productive environment, with just a dash of code. Learn more about it here.

Flutter Liquid Swipe Animation

Today, I am going to explore Liquid Swipe Animation in Flutter. I will show how to integrate a liquid Swipe animation into your flutter application. Liquid Swipe animation is amazing animation provided by flutter, and its Created for the Android and iOS Platforms. Liquid Swipe Animation Liquid Swipe animation is a kind of animation on the screen … Continue reading Flutter Liquid Swipe Animation