Taints and Tolerations in Kubernetes

n this post we are going to see one of the most important concept in K8s, Taints and Tolerations. What is taint, What is toleration, Need of taint and toleration.

Deploy your first Pod in Kubernetes

In the previous post we’ve seen Introduction to K8s Pods, In this post we will be writing manifest file to deploy K8s Pod. Kubernetes manifests are used to create, modify and delete Kubernetes resources such as pods, deployments, services or ingresses. It is very common to define manifests in form of .yaml.

Introduction to Kubernetes Pods

Are you new to Kubernetes and baffling around Pods? Then you’re at the right place, I will help you to understand everything required to get start with Kubernetes Pod.
What is Kubernetes or K8s Pods?
What is Multi Container Pod?
Inter and Intra Pod Communication?

Kubernetes: Up and Running

Kubernetes is a software that allows us to deploy, manage and scale applications. The applications will be packed in containers and kubernetes groups them into units. It allows us to span our application over thousands of servers while looking like one single unit.