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  • Boot-up with U-Boot

    This section of writing will take care of a brief walk through on and answer to question ” How u-boot takes up from it’s bootm/bootz execution to Linux Kernel handover.

  • Some notes on Notification Chain- Linux Kernel

    In this post we will be seeing linux kernel notification chains. Notification Chain/Notifier Chain is a chain which is use to deliver the notifications through Linux own implementation of publisher-subscriber model

  • U-Boot Running inside U-Boot

    What is U-Boot? Das U-Boot or sub-texted as Universal boot loader is an open source secondary stage boot loader mostly used in embedded devices and in custom Android Devices. U-boot further has capabilities to cater the needs of a complex… Read More ›

  • Working with Insight, a Graphical Debugger

    Insight is a graphical user interface based tool giving us an interface to GDB by GNU, this tool is written in tcl/tk. Most of this tool is hosted/maintained on sourceware hence being the official website for the same, click here… Read More ›

  • Something about `Her`

    A short discription of a special friend we have in our life.

  • Keh Do …

    Keh do unn anjan thikano se … Na dhunde anshiyan bahano se Swarth mera hai shayd mujhse Dil na lag payega tujhse Vo rahe badal di hai maine tabseToota hai sapna man ka dil me jabse Kehdo un anjan thikano… Read More ›

  • Generics with make and make files

    Overview of make talks something like this: The make utility automatically determines which pieces of a large program need to be recompiled, and issues commands to recompile them. We can always read more and more about make and its syntax, how to… Read More ›

  • REST-ing with Raspberry Pi

    In the world of IoT being restful reduces the pain of interactions with cloud.Since, most of the IoT platforms supports REST APIs. This not only gives us portability of our prototype/projects but also gives us the reason to share the… Read More ›