Building an app without Coding

Surprised? Yes it is possible to build an application without coding.

Now you have a question how? It is possible because of Low code development platforms.

What is Low code development platform?

A low-code development platform brings computers closer to the ways that humans think about problems.

The term “low-code app development” didn’t exist until a few years ago but the concept isn’t a new one. There’s long been a notion in enterprises and SMBs of the “power user” or “citizen developer,” meaning business users who see an opportunity to optimize a process and take it upon themselves to create their own apps. To do so, they often dabble in technologies such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming in Microsoft Excel. Low-code tools expand that philosophy from only the most tech-savvy of workers to any average employee who sees a business problem or process that a simple app could optimize and solve, and sets out to build it themselves.

The other side of the equation is traditional developers and IT, for which these low-code platforms are designed to accelerate software delivery by quickly building apps for specific business use cases. Rather than spend the time and manual effort to code an app from scratch that is made up of common features and components, low-code platforms let the developers work from existing templates and drag prebuilt elements, forms, and objects together to get a particular department or team the simple working app they need with a lot less hassle. As a result, low-code platforms are designed to serve both of these types of users at once.

Following are some Low code platforms available in Market :

  1. Appian
  2. OutSystems
  3. Salesforce App Cloud
  4. Google App Maker
  5. Zoho Creator
  6. Microsoft PowerApps
  7. Mendix
  8. Quick Base
  9. TrackVia
  10. Nintex Workflow Cloud

One thought on “Building an app without Coding

  1. Yes, low code development has reduced lots of code complexities and built up a cook book so the development of apps got easy. I have worked on Google App Maker but i would love to try out more platforms. Thank you Prajakta, this information is really very helpful.


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