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  • What is Blockchain

    Fed up doing c/c++, java, python courses, and want to explore something interesting, here is my next blog guys taking you all away from real coding to a more important and emerging technology being unnoticed from you all. Believe me or not, it has the potential to change the future of technology and mankind. I know y’all might be thinking that Artificial Intelligence and
    Machine Learning will dominate the coming years in IT sectors, but this is a bit different from what you think and what you’ve heard till now. We’ve to keep our gate of knowledge always open to the things we aren’t aware of. You never know when and where you would encounter an opportunity for the same.

  • Relationship between Classes

    As one starts learning any OOP(Object Oriented Programming) language be it C++, Java, Python etc, one of the concepts which most people fail to understand or go through it superficially is ‘Relationship between Classes’.

  • ‘this’ Keyword in Java

    In this post we’re going to see one of the most important and most useful topic i.e ‘this’ keyword in java. This is the topic of concern because as soon as one starts with OOP concept, ‘this’ keyword is encountered more often and people just ignore it considering it as a part of syntax. But as a matter of fact it has variety of applications from coding point of view which simplifies the code and makes it more understandable than before.


    While getting started with any programming language, there are some keywords which we might just overlook or ignore at once and keep on going with the rest of it. In this blog I will be discussing one of the most overlooked and important keyword in Java. I must tell you this blog is not only for the people who are familiar with Java but for every programmer who faces the difficulty with the concept of ‘static’ keyword.


    If you don’t know what is Framework in Programming or you’re baffling around with the word framework in software, this is the place to clear all your doubts and queries.


    Everyone might have heard the term “Big Data”, You might be having multiple question also, What is big data? Why big data is used? Or Big Data as a career option? If so, you’re at the right place.

  • Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2019

    Let's Program it

    Which Programming Language should I learn in 2019 ? Which will be the most trending Programming Language in future ? If you’re looking for answers of such questions, Here we present you Top 5 Programming Language to learn in 2019.