Delete duplicate-value nodes from a sorted linked list Java (HackerRank)

Delete duplicate-value nodes from a sorted linked list Java. You're given the pointer to the head node of a sorted linked list, where the data in the nodes is in ascending order. Delete as few nodes as possible so that the list does not contain any value more than once. The given head pointer may be null indicating that the list is empty.

Kadane’s Algorithm in Java

(Asked by all big gaint tech compaines like AMAZON, PAYTM, MICROSOFT,,etc) Basicly, kaden's algorithm is used to find the longest sum contiguous subarray.

Array Rotation in Java

Array Rotation in Java. (Asked by top MNC's like Amazon, Microsoft, goldman sachs, wipro, TCS..etc)

Merge Sort in Java

Like QuickSort, Merge Sort also divide and conquer algorithm. It divides input array in two halves, calls itself for the two halves and then merges the two sorted halves. The merge() function is used for merging two halves. The merge(arr, left, mid, right) is key process that assumes that arr[left..mid] and arr[mid+1..right] are sorted and merges the two sorted sub-arrays into one.

Recursion in Java

In this post we will be seeing What is Recursion in Java. Recursion is a part of algorithms in which function calling itself until some base condition is not occur.