Book Review

‘What Men Live by’ by Leo Tolstoy|A review in parts|#1

Leo Tolstoy was a master of realistic fiction and one of the world’s greatest novelists.
In his story. ‘What Men Live by’, he talks about what men actually need to survive.

House of Cards by Sudha Murty

Even in todays scenario somewhere this book puts itself in the bracket of reality. Sudha murty’s writings has shown the reality of world perfectly . It has perfectly decipted the charcters, plot, plot twists and emotions of the characters mentioned. With her simple and enagaging form of writing she has bought lives in her characters. The story can be easily framed in Indian women.

The Art Of Happiness: A Handbook of Living

‘The Art of happiness: a handbook of living’ completely justifies the title. It opens numerous gates of the ever working mind and gives basic aspects to living life happily. It’s the best book for those who have problems with emotional background. The language is super simple and easy to understand. Recommended for every age group.