While getting started with any programming language, there are some keywords which we might just overlook or ignore at once and keep on going with the rest of it. In this blog I will be discussing one of the most overlooked and important keyword in Java. I must tell you this blog is not only for the people who are familiar with Java but for every programmer who faces the difficulty with the concept of ‘static’ keyword.

U-Boot Running inside U-Boot

What is U-Boot? Das U-Boot or sub-texted as Universal boot loader is an open source secondary stage boot loader mostly used in embedded devices and in custom Android Devices. U-boot further has capabilities to cater the needs of a complex… Read More ›

House of Cards by Sudha Murty

Even in todays scenario somewhere this book puts itself in the bracket of reality. Sudha murty’s writings has shown the reality of world perfectly . It has perfectly decipted the charcters, plot, plot twists and emotions of the characters mentioned. With her simple and enagaging form of writing she has bought lives in her characters. The story can be easily framed in Indian women.

Sita’s Sister by Kavita Kane

Sita’s Siter by Kavita Kane – Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister, published by Rupa Publications, is a must-read, especially if the other characters in the Ramayana intrigue you as much as (or like me, more than) the main characters.