Soul Feeding at Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a tranquil town around 8 hours from Delhi in northern India. The ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ is popular as a city of love and reflection. The famous music band The Beatles once stayed in this spiritual city during the 1960s, making numerous out of the tunes that showed up on the White Album. It’s one of India’s holiest urban communities — the special case where liquor and meat are unlawful, and holy Cow have the option to proceed in the city.

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The city is not only for the adrenaline junkies, since river rafting and bungee jumping are the main attractions of the city. People from all over the country as well as tourists also enjoy this thrilling experience. Rishikesh offers scenic beauty for those calm souls who look for tranquil environment. If you are in search of a sunrise from behind the snow loaded mountains and from an exceptionally serene place, you gotta go to Kunjapuri Temple. The cold breeze and serenity will take your breath away. 4 am drive until the foot of temple and climbing 100 stairs was worth taking so much of efforts.

For those who have a foodie gene added to their DNA, Rishikesh offers a lot of different food varieties. Cafe hopping is the new age term which fits very appropriately here. Restaurants and cafes situated near the Laxman Jhula adds up to the experience. For those who likes to keep it low, there are small cozy restaurants situated near Tapovan, they are lit up with tiny lights which makes the ambiance very soothing. Live music is like cherry on the cake. For coffee lovers there are cafes who offers unique servings like coconut cappuccino. They also offer different foreign food and cuisines like Vietnamese, Israel and Italian for people who like to experiment.

One cannot miss the Ganga Arti when in Rishikesh.  Thousands of devotees and tourists witness the elegance and spirituality created by the Pandits. The chants and rhythm makes you spell bound. You believe in God or not, you got to experience the elegant way of praying to Goddess Ganga.

As I see it, Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful and well maintained tourist attractions of India. It has got a bit for everyone. Food, adventure, music, scenery, spirituality, you just name it.

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