Popular Reading Challenges to Help You Read Better Books

Choosing what to read next can be a huge pain (even when you have an endless TBR). And looking for something that is trendy and diverse is next to impossible. Multiple books are being published every day, multiple awards being distributed and among all that, the good ones just get lost.

One of the ways to achieve one’s reading goals and read quality literature can be fulfilled by participating in a reading challenge (or two :P)

Reading Challenges provide us with prompts/themes and we are to pick one book based on that. Reading Challenges can be humungous (such as The Popsugar Reading Challenge) or something tiny, but consequential.

*Click on the name to go to their respective pages*

Reading Challenges:

Goodreads Reading Challenge: Starting with the easiest one and the most participated one. Goodreads allows you to set a particular number of books you want to read in a year and keeps reminding you to in case you are behind schedule. Easy Peasy!


reading-challenge-2019Popsugar Reading Challenge: Popsugar has been coming up with unique (and mind-boggling) prompts for a couple of years now. They provide the reader with 50 prompts and tonnes of suggestions for each prompt. They also have an ‘Advanced’ section for the intellectual souls, which is pretty intense.

The prompts are available as printables to help you keep a better track of things. Share your progress on Instagram with #popsugarreadingchallenge.

The Reading Women Challenge: My favourite challenge since last year, The Reading Women Challenge encourages you to read books by female authors. There is a set of 26 prompts, and any book you choose MUST be written by a female author.

For book recommendations, visit here. 🙂


Instagram Challenges/Bookclubs:

The Austen Book Club: As the name suggests, the Austen Book Club picks up one book each month by the legendary Jane Austen. The reader is to read this book and join the discussions, which usually happens at the end of each month. Creators: Sanjana @sanjs.bookish.world and Sally @whatsallyreadnext. Use #austenbookclub .

Their January Book of the Month (BOTM) is Emma.

The Banned Book Club: Another book club that focusses on reading Banned Books. A lot of books, especially Classics are banned because of various social reasons. This book club encourages you to read these books and judge them for yourself.

Join their Goodreads Group.


#ReadingBannedBooksChallenge: This is a hashtag you can use if you are reading a book that has been banned for certain reasons and is not a part of any Book Club. An independent hashtag basically. Creator Aayushi @_penandpapers

#BetterReadsChallenge: A challenge that encourages you to read each day. You might read 10 pages or 100, just use #BetterReadsChallenge and update your daily progress on Instagram/Twitter. To know more about this challenge, click here.

#2019FWSeries: Want to read a certain series this year? Use #2019FWSeries and encourage others to read them too. This is exclusively for Instagram. Creator: Pavitra @fortheloveoffictionalworlds png-divider-lines-1400.png



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