PyQt5 tools-Qt Designer

When we want to create a GUI application, generally, to avoid the complications such as long codes, mistakes, missing out commands and other issues, we use Qt Designer . Qt Designer is one of the tools in PyQt5 which helps in finishing the front end so that we can focus on the back end. Usually, this benefits us in time saving.

To start the work on Qt Designer, you’ll need to install PyQt5 and PyQt5-tools. Once you are done with installation, download Qt Designer and get started.

pip install PyQt5
pip install PyQt5-tools

Open the Qt Designer, You’ll find a window looking like the figure below. Here, you just have to drag the widgets and drop them wherever you want them to be.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png
Qt Designer

As you can see, Qt Designer contains widget box. Some of the common widgets used for creating a menu bar are:

Layouts: There are four layout widgets.

Horizontal layout
Vertical layout
Grid layout
Form layout

Spacers: This contains two types of spacers

Horizontal spacer
Vertical spacer

Buttons: The figure below shows six button-widgets those are push button, tool button, radio button, check box, command line button, dialogue box button.

Button Layout

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