Something about `Her`

As if eyes of a nymph, smile of a kid

No-see-um by words and anger.. god forbid

Uber cool core on the mind in the quiz

Jabbing about days with thoughts abyss

About the random talks and never-ending words

Speaking in a way which was indeed unheard

Revering those moments with a nod on the top

The buzzing of the phone makes her tongue gallop

Words are her weapon, raining down from the pen

That is just enough to kill down any men

With every dot of ink on the paper, you spend

Oh.. the start it is, not the end

Smoking in black and trivial in mustard

Hues or shades or the psyche inside.. was what I wondered

If …if …as if a friend in an arm and angels amid

You go away on May god forbid

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