Have you ever wondered that the programming language you are working on provides specific collection of set of codes which can make your work a lot more simpler. You might be thinking of libraries, but I, suggest you read this article and get yourself more wider picture.

Objectives of this article
· What is Framework?
· Difference between Libraries and Framework.
· Why to use Framework?
· Frameworks for different programming language.

A basic logic says, why to start a task from scratch when you already
have tools to build the same.

Starting with what is a Framework,
A framework is a collection of programs brought together to accomplish a
task, make coding more efficient and generally make the lives of coders

Let’s understand with an example, suppose you are building a software
for client and at some point in your software you need string to integer
conversion or vice versa. Its not viable that you code the algorithm from
scratch. This conversion task is not what the client wants, but without it the
clients requirement cannot be fulfilled. Here comes the role of a
framework which provides you with set of predefined codes to achieve
some common tasks like these.

If one makes a project or software without using a framework, he/she
might have to code everything from beginning which is a cumbersome
task and having done all this, might end up in failure of project/software.
So without the use of framework complexity increases.

Until now you might be thinking why not use libraries in place of

A simple answer to this question is that libraries are used when there
are lesser restrictions and framework is used where restrictions are

Let’s take an example of house and school. In house there are not much
restrictions, you can keep your bag and your belongings wherever you want, but in school there is a specific place to keep your bag and
belongings. The point is house has lesser restrictions than school, so
house can be considered as libraries and school can be considered as
framework. Also set of codes in libraries are invoked by user but in
framework, framework calls for the codes from libraries, user just have
to manipulate the framework.

Why to use Framework?
These days companies have started using frameworks for developing their
products and stand independent in this competitive era of marketing.

Following are the reasons to use frameworks :-
· We need not start coding from scratch.
· A framework is extendable i.e, designer can add new set of codes
whenever he wants.
· Framework always cope with newest technology and pattern.
· It saves time and money.
· Set of codes can be reused.

Popular Frameworks for different languages are available
Nowadays, user need not code from very beginning. I’ll not go into details
of every framework of different languages, but some popular frameworks
are listed below :-
· Django for Python
· Ruby on Rails
· Laravel & CodeIgniter for PHP
· Struts & Play for Java


    1. Django and ML are two different things. Django is a framework and ML is advance application of python. So with the help of framework in your project you can develop project easily.


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