EC2 Instances Types

In this post we will be seeing EC2 Instances in details, we will be covering Amazon EC2 Instance Types.

So let’s get started,

In this post i’ll be briefing high level on EC2 instance types this blog is for someone who wants to understand what are EC2 Instances types on a high level or someone who wants to get started, this blog will also help you to decide the type of instance you wish to purchase for your need.

There are 6 EC2 instance types ,

  1. General Purpose
  2. Compute Optimized
  3. Memory Optimized
  4. Storage Optimized
  5. Accelerate Computing/GPU
  6. High Memory

Let’s see each ec2 instance types in brief

General Purpose: General purpose instances provide a balance of compute, memory and networking resources, and can be used for a variety of diverse workloads.

3 series are available in General Purpose

  • A series comprising of medium, large and metal instances.
  • M series comprising of large and metal instances.
  • T series comprising of Nano, small, medium and large instances

Compute Optimized: These are ideal for compute bound applications that gets benefited from high performance processors. Instances belonging to this family are suited for batch processing workloads, media transcoding, high performance web servers, high performance computing (HPC), scientific modeling, dedicated gaming servers and ad server engines, machine learning inference and other compute intensive applications.

1 series are available in Compute Optimized

  • C series comprising of large and metal instances.

Storage Optimized: Storage optimized instances are designed for workloads that require high, sequential read and write access to very large data sets on local storage.

3 series are available in this,

  • I series comprising of large and metal instances.
  • D series comprising of large instances.
  • H series comprising of large instances.

Memory optimized: These instances are designed to deliver fast performance for workloads that process large data sets in memory.

These have 3 series, R series, X-series, Z-series.

  • R series comprising of large and metal instances.
  • X series comprising of large instances.
  • Z series comprising of large instances and metal instances.

Accelerate Computing/GPU:

Accelerated computing instances use hardware accelerators, or co-processors, to perform functions, such as floating point number calculations, graphics processing, or data pattern matching, more efficiently than is possible in software running on CPUs.

These have 4 series, P series, G-series, F-series and Inf1

  • All except G are large instances, while G contain both large and metal instances

High Memory: High memory instances are purpose built to run large in-memory databases, including production deployments of SAP HANA, in the cloud.

Os installs directly on hardware and no virtualization and no hypervisors.

High memory instances are bare metal instances run on AWS nitro system.

Have only one U-series

AWS Instance Types
AWS Instance Types

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