How one unfortunate event in a family can change the outlook and living of everyone! How the perspective of living a happily ever after changes! How is it that no psychological session can heal your depression! That no medicine can allow you take a fresh breath and allow you to look for the good in every bad!

Udayan Mukherjee’s dark circles is a story of a family where one disgraceful event had hunted them from their happily ever after lives. Two brothers story at the core. The book starts with a letter for the elder son from her late mother who reveals some shocking revelations about her younger son and how a small and happy family gets devastated and cannot succumbs to the test of time and how their father copes with the emotional and mental injuries. How one mistake sometimes takes everything and nothing could be fixed again.

The gradual unfolding of the events and a medium pace with which the book reveals is what keeps one glued to the book till the very end. The language is easy to understand and the story is written very beautifully keeping in mind the minute details of every character. If it is on your mind to read and experience the nuances of a family then this first time writer Udayan Mukherjee’s Dark Circles is a go to book.

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