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Meraki is my way of living!
Ambivert - Writer - Architect

  • ARCHITECTURE – A life worth celebrating.

    Architecture is an amalgamation of Arts and Technology.
    If you have a creative edge to your personality, if you have the talent of thinking outside the box then Architecture might just be the right profession for you.

  • Symbiotic Association of People & Places

    TRAVEL – TRANSLATION of REVERIES seen in our ADOBE of VISUALLY ENIGMATIC LEISURE, coming true. All’s well that ends well they say. The year ended with me landing in completely unknown territory with known strangers. The smell of the place… Read More ›


    How one unfortunate event in a family can change the outlook and living of everyone! How the perspective of living a happily ever after changes! How is it that no psychological session can heal your depression! That no medicine can… Read More ›