ARCHITECTURE – A life worth celebrating.


Did you ever, during vacations visit different places- historic or revolutionary and wondered how it was constructed or what was the idea behind it!? If yes then the answer is ‘the Architect’.

This 4 syllable word is easy to pronounce but difficult to adopt. Yes, you heard that right!! Architecture is not just a profession but a way of life – rightly said by the late Ar. Zaha Hadid.

Why Architecture?

Well if you have a creative edge to your personality, if you have the talent of thinking outside the box, then you, my dear Amigos have landed in a perfect place. The various creative design exercises bring out a more matured and creative side of you and mind you, you won’t regret those sleepless nights nailing your hidden Charles Correa.

After all the pleasure you will get by playing and juxtapositioning those different shapes with various sizes and colours is an experience on its own. And the pleasure that you experience is of a far greater intensity than those dark circles. Yes, girls!! attention please you are bound to get those dark circles due to continuous work hours and sleepless night!!


(Disclaimer – Keep your refrigerator full with bottles of red bull and your grocery list is incomplete without coffee)  

What is Architecture?

It is an amalgamation of Arts and Technology. I hope you understand it right from the beginning. So if your thinking hats are making you think that architecture is a higher version of a BFA or MFA degree (with due respect), then my dear, you need to pause, there is a hell lot of other things that need to be considered while making a choice. As I said earlier ‘amalgamation’ of arts and technology you would always need to think about the technical aspect of designing as well. You need to keep in mind the client’s interest and make those ideas workable for the general public.

An in-depth thought process is a must since it’s your thought that needs to be traced down on paper and then to the actual world.

So you see the process-


So now after knowing the world of architecture. take your time to ponder over your decisions and make your move to the career of your choice and the world would be a much better place to live in because your bills are getting paid by the job which gives you the satisfaction of your work life.

Also the next time you visit any building don’t forget to ask for the name of the Architect who was the indirect source of giving you the most cherishing moments of your life.

Happy reading!

Rutuja Adhau

One thought on “ARCHITECTURE – A life worth celebrating.

  1. Amazing it is you can go so deep and explain things which normally people just skim n walk out… Good job! 🙂


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