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Hands on expertise in DevOps, AWS-Cloud, CI-CD, Build setup, Source Code Management, Automation and Development of high-end enterprise level application from scratch to release. Experience in Build Release Management, Automation, Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment and Development high end enterprise application. Hands on skills in Programming language such as Python, Swift, Java, PHP.

  • Guard in Swift

    A guard statement is used to transfer program control out of a scope if one or more conditions aren’t met also called as early exit. i.e. Either you meet the condition asked, or get out of the scope.guard let is also an alternative to if let, which also unwraps optionals. guard let will unwrap an optional for you and if it finds nil inside, it expects you to exit the function, loop, or condition you used it in.

  • Functions in Swift

    Functions can be tricky if you are not aware of the basics. In this post we will be seeing what are functions and how to handle them.

  • Swift let vs var

    In this post I’m going to concentrate on SWIFT LET VS WAR these two keywords “var” and “let” used in Swift Programming Language.

  • Python Flask web service

    In this tutorial you’ll be creating web service using Python Flask. We will be building hello world flask app first followed by python flask web service app.

  • Tips to crack Programming Interviews

    Are you a Software Developer ? or a Programmer or just someone about to enter an interview room? Here are the top 5 and basic tips to crack any Programming Interviews. I’ll make sure to relate each tip to real-life examples so that you can analyze the importance of each step.

  • Fastlane Snapshot: iOS

    Thanks to Fastlane Snapshot for iOS, without it generating screenshots of your iOS application would’ve never been so easy.

  • His heart beats for you

    From dawn to dusk, you drive him crazy. From canicule to frost, let the weather be hazy. A glimpse of your face and the beauty you own, Each time he wonders, How scintillating your eyes would shone. An upheaval past… Read More ›

  • Full Stack Python

    Recently I’ve been getting multiple queries over Instagram, Facebook and mails to brief what is Full Stack Python and how do I become Full Stack Python Developer!!! So here’s we are back with Introduction to Full stack Python. So geeks this post is dedicated to those people who knows Python and wants to build their career in Full Stack Python Development or people who wants to learn python and become Full Stack Developer.