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Expertise and experience in DevOps, CI-CD, Build setup, Source Code Management, Automation and development of high-end enterprise level application from scratch to release. I've good command in Swift, Python, Core Java, Php, Shell and Flask. Apart from technical I love writing poetry, stories and lyrics.

  • iOS App Lifecycle

    iOS Application lifecycle is the most important and the most basic flow which every iOS developer should understand in depth to make sure he uses the power of lifecycle methods coherently as apple directs.

  • Identifiers and Reserved Words

    In this tutorial we will be exploring Python Identifiers and Python reserved words.
    Python Identifiers as the name itself says a lot about itself, Identify or Identification and Identification can be done by naming.
    Python Keywords Reserved words are keywords which cannot be used as an identifiers. The compiler is well aware of these words and will always take them as reserved words if tried in place of identifiers.

  • Introduction to Python

    Before we deep dive into the coding aspects of Python. I feel it mandate to make you unravel with the basics of Python.