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Expertise and experience in DevOps, CI-CD, Build setup, Source Code Management, Automation and development of high-end enterprise level application from scratch to release. I've good command in Swift, Python, Core Java, Php, Shell and Flask. Apart from technical I love writing poetry, stories and lyrics.

  • His heart beats for you

    From dawn to dusk, you drive him crazy. From canicule to frost, let the weather be hazy. A glimpse of your face and the beauty you own, Each time he wonders, How scintillating your eyes would shone. An upheaval past… Read More ›

  • Full Stack Python

    Recently I’ve been getting multiple queries over Instagram, Facebook and mails to brief what is Full Stack Python and how do I become Full Stack Python Developer!!! So here’s we are back with Introduction to Full stack Python. So geeks this post is dedicated to those people who knows Python and wants to build their career in Full Stack Python Development or people who wants to learn python and become Full Stack Developer.

  • Introduction to Automation Testing

    Quality is one of the most firm and important factor when it comes to the software or the product one does deliver. With the advancement of Technology we have been witnessing number of tools and softwares to examine the quality……. Read More ›

  • 5 – Top Tech trends for 2019

    Here we are back with 5 top tech trends for 2019, top notch technologies to watch out in 2019. Not only I’ll be telling you about technologies but also letting you know what is the scope of it, what are the industry which is using it and require skills set.

  • Kuch bol Ansune, Kuch batein Ankahin

    Manane do aj tumhe Man bekarar hue ja raha hai!! Manane do aj tumhe Fir aitbaar hue ja raha hai!! Yun ruthi hui acchi to lagti ho tum.. Yun ruthi hui acchi to lagti ho tum.. Par door na hojaye!!… Read More ›

  • Data Types: Python

    Continuing with series of Python after Identifier and reserved keywords today we’re going to look into the most important topic “Data Types in Python” I’ll be briefing about all the data types even which are not used mostly but are equally important…. Read More ›

  • Gratitude

    You always meet someone special  at every stage of your life.You always cherish someone special at every phase of your life.You always love someone special at every moment of your life.You always get guided by someone special at every point… Read More ›

  • Oblivious Lover

    It was raining, raining heavily, The same way it used to be. Life’s changing, So as the people but the cadence remains the same. It has been more than five years, Since he is waiting for you. Never knew it… Read More ›