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Hands on expertise in DevOps, AWS-Cloud, CI-CD, Build setup, Source Code Management, Automation and Development of high-end enterprise level application from scratch to release. Experience in Build Release Management, Automation, Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment and Development high end enterprise application. Hands on skills in Programming language such as Python, Swift, Java, PHP.

  • Install Jenkins on AWS EC2 Instance

    In this post we will be seeing how to install jenkins on AWS EC2 instance

  • Install Java on EC2

    In this post we will be seeing how we can install Java on our EC2 instance.

  • DevOps Introduction and Lifecycle

    In this post we will be seeing We will be seeing What is DevOps? Role of operations before DevOps? What is the need of DevOps? or Why DevOps is important? and DevOps Lifecycle.

  • First Chef Cookbook recipe using AWS and chef Server

    In this post we will be seeing how to write chef recipe using AWS and chef server. Chef is a configuration management tools that is used to manage the configurations on servers, I won’t be explaining in depth what is Chef in this tutorial, but you can go through this for more insights.

  • What is DevOps?

    In this post I will be introducing you with the DevOps culture, We will be seeing What is DevOps?, Role of Operations before DevOps?, What is the need of DevOps or Why DevOps is important.
    DevOps is such culture or model or practice or approach, whatever you may call but not a programming language or technology.

  • Variables in TypeScript

    In this post we’re going to see What are Variable, how do we use them, ways to declare variable and so on!
    Variable is a name given to stored memory location

  • Data Types in TypeScript

    In this post we will be seeing Data Types in TypeScript. In TypeScript Majorly Data Types are Built in Data Types, User-Defined Data Types and Any data type.

  • Swift Delegates and Protocols

    In this post we will see Delegates and Protocols in Swift. Lets break both the word Delegates and Protocols and try understand what they actually mean. Delegates as the name suggests, delegation i.e. your representative or someone on your behalf. Protocols on the other hand means a set of rules and regulation.