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  • Static files and URL’s handling in Django

    Django has changed the way of handeling URL’s and static files like CSS, JavaScript ( Js ) and images in the field of web development. Developers now can experiment a lot with dynamic url’s while using Django as the backbone for their website.

  • Models and Templates in Django

    Welcome to the 3rd thread of Hello Django. Here we will cover, Template rendering, Model creation (Database) and also retrieving those data entries from database into our html file.

  • A Basic Application – Django

    As we discussed in the previous blog, Django divides all of its web applications into ‘projects’. Each project can be further divided into individual applications that can be developed and then integrated into the root project.

  • Say Hello to Django!

    A python-based free and open-source web framework that follows model-template-view architecture pattern. It encourages rapid development and pragmatic design.