Symbiotic Association of People & Places

img-20190103-wa0047TRAVEL – TRANSLATION of REVERIES seen in our ADOBE of VISUALLY ENIGMATIC LEISURE, coming true.

All’s well that ends well they say. The year ended with me landing in completely unknown territory with known strangers.

The smell of the place makes way through my nostrils to the interiors of my brain which makes me go back in time to the city of cheerfulness, where the quietness of the ashram and the music of the waves coexists. It’s surreal for me that the two beauties exists on one ground cherishing and dignifying each other, wondering how human still do not want to have a humane approach towards their fellow counterparts. Where on one hand the world is fighting over boundaries there are few aliens traveling the world and exploring their inner self which are deeper than the oceans and vast than the sea.

Being aware of the fact that no two people are the same but similar in dealing with life’s causes, happiness – fear – joy – tear are still very same since the birth of mankind. The want may vary but the need remains the same. Traveling is the process of making one unlearn the derogatory approach of life which the modern apes have taken, to unleash the boredom and enter tranquility. When the rising sun shows you the path to a new day of exploration, why should one prefer to sit in a room of concrete and imagine a world where one go in every nook and corner learning and unlearning the skills of life. History of the unknown and unsung can be lived and re-lived and the paths of our ancestors can be revealed by mere

When a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly and the manner in which a butterfly jumps from one flower to another seeking nectar, in the same way, a traveler takes every opportunity to wander on this planet seeking nectar for a good life. A life where teachings and learnings are not restricted to the boundaries of the age and gender, where history, geography, arts, and science are for all and by all, where no student is categorised, where knowledge knows no boundaries and where students do not come for a score, where the purpose is to learn that success is not by making others fall but achieving it as a unit.

6 thoughts on “Symbiotic Association of People & Places

  1. I like the way u described a traveller like a butterfly ….it also shows that discovering the different places alone can be fun and u can always learn form ur journey. I wish that u will keep posting such Good articles.


  2. Very good going 🤗It’s amazing to go through this kind of article.Great thought ✌️😍


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